We are an established ultra luxury custom-home builder in Toronto’s most prestigious residential neighbourhoods.

We are a Toronto design / build development firm. Working with Toronto’s Top Architects and Interior Designers, With a reputation for being meticulous and conscientious Max Danieli (President of Danieli Development Group) and his team, are transforming conceptual Dreams into exceptional homes, We have become experts in the art of blending modern features and traditional influences into elegant, transitional-style homes.

Danieli Homes are built with an uncompromising commitment to details and quality. Whether Classic or Modern each Luxury home we create is outstanding for its quality and attention to details and Structural Strength, We are knowing and committed to design and development of distinctive residential properties in Toronto’s most prestigious residential neighbourhoods, but we mainly offer peace of mind to our clients.

Max Danieli


Acquisition of Land

We provide site evaluations and analyze the constraints and opportunities of the site. We will assist with the critical issues from soils, utilities, zoning restrictions, privacy concerns, mature vegetation, drainage conditions, view street traffic, noise, and all government regulations that may affect building design.

Architectural Design and Structural Design

Danieli Development can assist you in design perfect dream home. Let us work with your vision to create something truly spectacular. Starting from the bottom-up, our thorough knowledge of architectural and structural design will ensure your completed project will stand out as a collaboration of function and form.

Project Management

When planning the construction of a home, full communications between all parties – throughout every stage of construction is key. However, you can now hire Danieli Development to manage the entirety of the project. We offer a full-service solution, from start to final construction. We’ll design your entire plan – ensuring top quality results at every step of the process.

Interior Design

At Danieli Development, we believe that a building’s interior is just as important as its exterior. We offer a wide range of interior design options for your projects – lead by experienced, industry professionals, to ensure your project always looks magnificent.

Our Standarts



Say that you notice a defect in the construction or material of your home after you moved in. What do you do? Or maybe you notice that some of the materials promised have been substituted for different ones without your authorization. Perhaps there’s a dispute between the builder and home-owner. Everyone has heard such horror stories, and that’s why the Tarion Warranty (as part of the Ontario New Home Warranty Program) was put into place by law, required for all builders of new homes in Ontario. Based on extensive research with consumers and ongoing consultations with the Ontario Home Builders Association, Tarion protects homeowners from defects in work and materials for up to seven years and will intercede if builders fail to honour their warranty obligations. Danieli Developments is proud to participate in the Tarion Warranty as it gives homeowners insurance on the quality of workmanship and materials we promise.

Energy Star

Energy Star

Did you know that a home can pollute the environment more than a car does? It’s astounding to realize that 17% of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada are generated from energy consumed in the home. But quite apart from concern about climate change, Danieli Developments understands that home-owners want to save money on their energy costs. With Energy Star, home-owners can expect saving of approximately 25% of their energy costs every month compared to other new homes. Not only that, an Energy Star home is an investment in its future re-sale, as environmental efficiency is where all quality home-building is headed. With advanced construction techniques that you can see – as well as those you can’t as they’re under the skin of the home in its systems – an Energy Star home is warmer in winter, cooler in summer, quieter and draft-free. High-efficiency furnaces and air-conditioning units, quality appliances and the latest l



There are many people involved in residential land development, home building and the professional renovation industry in the Greater Toronto Area. So how do you know who is operating with the same values you uphold? How do you know if they believe in the same moral and legal standards? All of that matters when you embark on the construction of a building, no matter what its size. A builder needs to trust the trades people he’s working with and know that they will show up on time, have the craftsmanship skills they claim and work to the standards promised. The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) is a club of like-minded business professionals who engage in the industry with a similar code of ethics and who work together to discuss issues and facilitate communication between stakeholders, including all levels of government.

Greenhouse Certification

Greenhouse Certification

A home should deliver optimal health. It’s the one sanctuary you can control as a refuse from the world. And that’s why Danieli Developments went the extra step to be GreenHouse certified. This is as green as you can get as a builder, a science of smart technologies that are well above building code. In GreenHouse certified homes, you live in a restorative spa-like environment with superior ventilation and filtration systems that act like a fine sieve, protecting you from bacteria, pollens and other irritants. Toxins are reduced in choices of finishes, including paints, tiles and carpeting. Stringent guidelines for energy efficiency are followed with heat ventilation recovery systems and appliances that conserve water. Builders are required to adhere to environmentally-responsible construction practices. On site, recycling of waste materials helps reduce landfill. Careful planning and ordering – “measure twice, cut once” – guarantees efficient use of materials, practices which save you money. A GreenHouse certified home is a commitment to living in an optimal interior environment and to contributing to the health of that larger home called Earth.